We, Hir Primak Enterprise, are importer, exporters and suppliers of xylene, o-Xylene, m-Xylene, p-Xylelne and mixed Xylenes. The term xylene refers to a group of three benzene derivatives, each of which has two methyl functional groups attached to the benzene ring. The three members of the group are isomers and are called ortho-, meta-, and para-xylene (or o-, m-, and p-xylene). Each xylene is a colorless, sweet-smelling liquid that is highly flammable and non-toxic. They occur naturally in petroleum and coal tar. Xylene is used as a solvent in the printing, rubber, leather and other allied industries. Xylenes form the basic raw material for the production of polyester, which has become the heart and soul of the complete textile industry, packaging, furnishing, coating, consumer goods, resins etc.

Other Information:

Xylene Isomers
Common name Xylenes o-Xylene m-Xylene p-Xylene
Molecular formula C8H10, C6H4(CH3)2 or C6H4C2H6
Appearance clear, colorless liquid
CAS number 1330-20-7 95-47-6 108-38-3 106-42-3
Density and phase 0.864 g/mL, liquid 0.88 g/mL, liquid 0.86 g/mL, liquid 0.86 g/mL, liquid
Solubility in water practically insoluble
Soluble in non-polar solvents such as aromatic hydrocarbons
Melting point -47.4ºC -25ºC -48ºC 13ºC
Boiling point 138.5ºC 144ºC 139ºC 138ºC
Viscosity --- 0.812 cP at 20ºC 0.62 cP at 20ºC 0.34 cP at 30º C

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Ortho Xylene

Ortho xylene is the second largest of the three commercial isomers of xylene and has a sweet, aromatic smell. It is a colourless liquid, with a characteristic odour. The major application of Orthoxylene is Pthalic Anhydride (~90%) with other applications being in paints, fibreglass, PEN, etc.

Meta Xylene

The major use of meta-xylene is in the production of isophthalic acid, which is used as a copolymerizing monomer to alter the properties of polyethylene terephthalate. Meta-Xylene is also used as a raw material in the manufacture of 2,4- and 2,6-xylidine as well as a range of smaller-volume chemicals.

Para Xylene

Paraxylene is the building block for the entire polyester industry. It is processed to get Purified Terephthalic Acid (PTA) that is further processed to form polyester fibers / PET.

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