We, Hir Primak Enterprise, are one of leading supplier, importer and exporter of Polypropylene which is a synthetic resin built up by the polymerization of propylene. One of the important family of polyolefin resins, polypropylene is molded or extruded into many plastic products in which toughness, flexibility, light weight, and heat resistance are required. It is also spun into fibres for employment in industrial and household textiles.

Specification: CAS No. 9003-07-0

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Physical Properties

  • • Amorphous Density: 0.85 g/cm3
  • • Crystalline Density: 0.95 g/cm3
  • • Melting Point of 160°C
  • • Doesn’t Soak up water (good for uses around moisture)

Chemical Properties

  • • Very strong against corrosion; doesn’t react with chemicals like alkaline substances, acids, etc.
  • • Low flammability
  • • Poor UV resistance

The density of PP is between 0.895 and 0.92 g/cm³. With this lower density, moldings parts with lower weight and more parts of a certain mass of plastic can be produced.

Polypropylene is normally tough and flexible, especially when copolymerized with ethylene. This allows polypropylene to be used as an engineering plastic, competing with materials such as acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS). Polypropylene is reasonably economical.

Polypropylene has good resistance to fatigue.


  • • food packaging,
  • • textiles
  • • reusable containers (high m.p. allows them to go in the dishwasher)
  • • thermal pants and shirts made for the military
  • • laboratory equipment,
  • • Loudspeakers
  • • automotive components

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