Mixed Polyethylene Glycol

Mixed Polyethylene Glycol

Mixed Polyethylene Glycol

We, Hir Primak Enterprise, import, supply and export the premium quality Polyethylene glycol (PEG) which is a polyether compound with many applications from industrial manufacturing to medicine. The structure of PEG is commonly expressed as H−(O−CH2−CH2)n−OH. PEG 200, PEG 300, PEG 400, PEG 600, PEG 1000, PEG 2000, PEG 4000, PEG 6000 etc are various grades of PEG. Polyethylene glycol is non-toxic, odorless, neutral, lubricating, nonvolatile and nonirritating and is used in a variety of pharmaceuticals and in medications as a solven, dispensing agent, ointment and suppository bases, vehicle, and tablet excipient.

Specification: CAS No. 25322-68-3

PHYSICAL STATE clear to white semi-solid
STABILITY Stable under ordinary conditions. Hygroscopic.
MOISTURE 0.2% max
COLOR, APHA 10 max
MOL WT. 190 - 210
APPEARANCE clear liquid
HYDROXYL VALUE 535 - 590 (mg KOH/g)
MOL WT. 280 - 320
APPEARANCE clear liquid
HYDROXYL VALUE 355 - 395 (mg KOH/g)
MOL WT. 380 - 420
APPEARANCE clear liquid
HYDROXYL VALUE 265 - 295 (mg KOH/g)
MOL WT. 570 - 630
APPEARANCE clear liquid
HYDROXYL VALUE 175 - 195 (mg KOH/g)
MOL WT. 950 - 1050
APPEARANCE white paste
HYDROXYL VALUE 105 - 120 (mg KOH/g)
MOL WT. 1800 - 2200
APPEARANCE white flake
HYDROXYL VALUE 50 - 65 (mg KOH/g)
MOL WT. 3500 - 4500
APPEARANCE white flake
HYDROXYL VALUE 25 - 35 (mg KOH/g)
MOL WT. 5000 - 7000
APPEARANCE white flake
HYDROXYL VALUE 25 - 35 (mg KOH/g)

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The wide range of chain lengths provide identical physical and chemical properties for the proper application selections directly or indirectly in the field of;

  • Antidusting agent in agricultural formulations
  • Alkyd and polyester resin preparation to enhance water dispersability and water-based coatings.
  • Brightening effect and adhesion enhance in electroplating and electroplating process.
  • Cleaners, detergents and soaps with low volatility and low toxicity solvent properties.
  • Dye carrier in paints and inks
  • Heat transfer fluid formulation and defoamer formulations.
  • Low volatilie, water soluble, and noncorrosive lubricant without staining residue in food and package process.
  • Paper coating for antisticking, color stabilizing, good gloss and free flow in calendering operations.
  • Plasticizer to increase lubricity and to impart a humectant property in ceramic mass, adhesives and binders.
  • Softener and antistatic agent for textiles.

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