Ethylene Glycol

Ethylene Glycol

Ethylene Glycol

Keeping track with latest market development we, Hir Primak Enterprise, are actively engaged in importing, exporting and supplying Ethylene glycol, also called ethane-1,2-diol, is the simplest member of the glycol family of organic compounds. Its most common use is as an automotive antifreeze. A 1:1 solution of ethylene glycol and water boils at 129 °C and freezes at −37 °C, serving as an excellent coolant in automotive radiators. Ethylene glycol is highly poisonous. MEG is a clear colourless, odourless, non-volatile, sweet and slightly viscous liquid. It is completely miscible in water and many organic solvents.

Specification: CAS No. 107-21-1

Property Unit Specifications
Appearance - Clear Colourless
MEG Content Wt % min 99.9
DEG Content Wt. % Max. 0.04
Water Wt. % max. 0.04
Colour (before heating) Pt-Co Units Max. 5
Transmission in UV Wavelength(nm) - -
220 Transmittance % min. 80
275 Transmittance % min. 95
350 Transmittance % min. 99

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  • Ethylene glycol is primarily used in antifreeze formulations (50%) and as a raw material in the manufacture of polyesters such as polyethylene terephthalate (PET) (40%).
  • Ethylene glycol also is used as a raw material in the production of a wide range of products including polyester fibers for clothes, upholstery, carpet and pillows; fibreglass.
  • Other important uses of ethylene glycol include heat transfer fluids used as industrial coolants for gas compressors, heating, ventilating, and air-conditioning systems, and ice skating rinks.
  • Ethylene glycol is used as an ingredient in hydraulic fluids, printing inks, and paint solvents.

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