We,Hir Primak Enterprise, supply and export the premium quality benzene.which is simplest organic, aromatic hydrocarbon and parent compound of numerous important aromatic compounds. Benzene is a colourless and highly flammable liquid with a characteristic odour. It is an aromatic hydrocarbon composed of 6 carbon atoms in a ring, with 1 hydrogen atom attached to each carbon atom, with the molecular formula C6H6.

Specifications: CAS: 71-43-2

Purity D-4492 Wt% 99.8 Min.
Toluene D-4492 Wt% 0.050 Max.
Non Aromatics D-4492 Wt% 0.1 Max.
Spec. gravity at 15.5/15.5 °C D-4052 --- 0.882-0.886
Appearance Visual --- Clear, free of haze/sediment
Acidity D-847 mg NaOH/100ml No free acid
Copper Corrosion D-849 --- Pass 1 A
Solidification Point D-852 °C 5.45 Min.
Water Content E-1064 Wt PPM 800 Max.
Thiophene D-1685 Wt PPM 1.0 Max.
Combined Nitrogen D-6069 Wt PPM 0.1 Max.

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Uses: Benzene is an important precursor to basic industrial chemicals including drugs, plastics, synthetic rubber, and dyes. It is used to produce a number of petrochemical intermediates as shown below:

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