We, Hir Primak Enterprise, are engaged in importing, exporting and supplying with excellent quality of Aniline which is an organic chemical compound, specifically a primary aromatic amine. It consists of a benzene ring attached to an amino group. Aniline is oily and, although colorless, it can be slowly oxidized and resinified in air to form impurities which can give it a red-brown tint.

Specification: CAS No. 62-53-3

Appearance Oily liquid; colorless when freshly distilled, darkens in exposure to air and light.
Odor Aromatic amine-like odor.
Aniline Purity 99.8% by wt., min.
Nitrobenzene 2 ppm by wt., max.
Water 0.1% by wt., max
Molecular Weight 93.129 g/mol
Boiling Point 184.1 °C
Density 1.022 at 20° C
Vapor Pressure : 0.1770 mm/Hg @ 25 °C.
Flash Point : 216 °F. ( 102.22 °C. )

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  • Aniline is primarily used in MDI foams for the automotive and construction industries. Many chemicals can be made from Aniline, including.
  • Isocyanaates for the urethane industry
  • Antioxidants, activators, accelerators, and other chemicals for the rubber industry
  • Indigo, acetoacetanilide, and other dyes and pigments for a variety of applications
  • Diphenylamine for the rubber, petroleum, plastics, agricultural, explosives, and chemical industries
  • Various fungacides and herbicides for the agricultural industry
  • Pharmaceutical, organic chemical, and other products

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